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About Cindy

Cindy Greenwood

1234 Rock Star Rd, Austin, Texas 77777
(512) 123-4567

Cindy Greenwood has lived in Austin since 1986, since then she has watched our city prosper with dynamic growth. In 1991, Cindy pursued her interest in residential real estate currently working at Moreland Properties.

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Cindy Greenwood is an Austonian for 30 years. From Charing the Board of an Austin Youth Group, Lone Star Cattlemen, to living the real estate business since 1991. She is the best in the real estate business and her support of your personal mission is where her success lives.

How does that impact you? Her experience is on your side of the real estate transaction, educated in Austin landscape, from lifestyle choices to school districts, Cindy Greenwood personalizes the experience to you and your family. You can always find a realtor that is “more” of something, but you will never find a realtor that deeply encompasses your vision like Cindy Greenwood.